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Things Are Falling Back into Place

It’s been a pretty good couple of days for me. I’m gonna ramble a bit to get it all out on here because I use this like a journal for me. So sorry if it’s long.

Yesterday started out a little bad but I got to go to bunny’s house last night, and my son went to grandmas. I went over there and had some girl time that was very much needed. I love my son, and I love M but sometimes I just get tired of all the maleness in the house lol. So I went to bunny’s and we sat up talking trash and watching YouTube videos, because we are amazing like that. ha ha.

Well, bunny’s house sucks ass, because apparently it is haunted. (Sorry bunny, lol) Everything was fine while I was upstairs with bunny. But she passed out on me and I wanted to watch some movies so I went downstairs, by myself. I got my laptop set up, turned off the lights and laid back on the couch to watch. Then, I started hearing noises on the stairs so I looked over there and saw nothing. I look back at the screen and start hearing someone walking around her kitchen. Again, look that direction, nothing. So at this point I’m like fuck it and just turn the light back on. Sorry to anyone that doesn’t believe in ghosts, and thinks I’m insane now.

Because of having the light on I didn’t go to sleep until 5 this morning. I got woke up a couple times but woke up for the day about 11. M came and got me so we could pick my son up and go out to Lowe’s for son’s build and grow clinic.

Everything was going great, ran into bunny’s mom. Then the time came to actually get the kits and some stupid woman was standing there in line (a line that she made up in her own mind btw) and was trying to tell people where they were allowed to stand. I tried to let it go but it really bugged me. I was laughing inside though when bunny’s mom came back and called to see where the clinic was gonna be and it was clear on the other end of the store. She cursed and walked that way, and the kid that was with her was with his parents also, (I’m guessing she was grandma) and she was behind us now and made a comment about being first in line but being last to get a kit. So I just stopped M and son and told her if it was that important she could just go ahead of us. I was tired of hearing her complain.

So we finally get our kit and go to a spot on the floor to put it together. Now these are supposed to be kits that the kids put together with help from parents. Well son decided he would hammer one nail halfway in and then say he was bored and we could do it. *rolls eyes* We leave there, go to Burger King for some lunch, and everything goes well.

Son decided he wanted to go back to grandma’s house for a couple hours to play with his younger cousin, so we took him there and M and I got to come home for some alone time.

OK, thanks for everyone that has read this far, here is some of the kink that I started this blog for in the first place lol.

Last night while at bunny’s I had gotten upset with M for something minor and had sent him a pretty nasty text. What I should have done is just talk to him about why I was upset but instead I snapped at him about it, so he told me I was in trouble when I got home. We get to the house today for our alone time and he decides that then is the perfect time for the punishment.

We have been trying to get me used to spanking again, so he lets me adjust little things sometimes. I started out laying on my stomach on the bed, but couldn’t get into the right headspace that way. Then I moved to laying across his lap, but then he wasn’t comfortable that way. So then I got the idea of laying on my stomach in the wheelbarrow position, only laying on the bed instead of hanging off the bed.

downloadtumblr_mkod6yMNG61rwwdapo1_500 (here are a couple wheelbarrow spanking pics I found online, not my own)

So I had a leg on each side of his hip with my ass facing him. By this point I’ve already had countless spankings with the hairbrush, which stings like hell. I’ve also been smacked with the paddle a few times, and had a couple belt strokes too. So when we finally find this position I’m already a little sore. But for some reason that was ok.

Now usually, I have to be tied down to get a punishment spanking, because ok, honestly, I’m a wuss. I hate the pain unless I’m in the right mind set for it. Up until that point I was squirmy and hating it, but as soon as I got into that last position I just melted against him and held onto a pillow and just loved it. I was a little disappointed that he wanted to stop spanking when he did. I could have taken way more in that position. So I was nice and in the zone and we had marvelous sex. But for some reason, whether he stretched me too far or something, I started bleeding. So it wasn’t as great at the end.

After everything he told me that he’s going to start spanking me every or every other night so I can start building my pain tolerance. Yay me! If he does it in the position we ended in I can take as much as he wants to without crying. I am one tired slave right now and can’t wait to cuddle up to M and going to sleep.


I am a mother, daughter, sister, but most of all I am my Master's slave. I'm also a little bit crazy, and decided blogging was the perfect way to share my craziness with the world. There will be ups, and there will be downs. So hold on tight, and away we go.

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