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Kink of the Week: Sapiosexuality


I do consider myself a sapiosexual. Intelligence for me is a huge turn on. I love to read and learn new things. I can’t really get along with a potential partner unless he has some kind of smartness to him. It makes for very boring conversation if I am constantly having to explain myself. I have a pretty high vocabulary that I use when I write or speak so it isn’t fun to dumb it down. And it is even better if I can learn something new from them. To me it takes more than great sex to make a relationship work, there needs to be so much more substance.

That’s all I really have to say about this subject. I look forward to reading and writing more subjects in the future.



I am a mother, daughter, sister, but most of all I am my Master's slave. I'm also a little bit crazy, and decided blogging was the perfect way to share my craziness with the world. There will be ups, and there will be downs. So hold on tight, and away we go.

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