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KOTW Fillers #1

Since I am late to the game with the KOTW topics I figured that I would use past topics as fillers on days that I really don’t have a lot to write about. So I did spankings yesterday which was the first topic, now I’m moving down the list to #2 Wax play.

Wax Play

I’ve had very little experience with wax play. But the times that I have had have been really great. I’ve actually always had a fascination with candle wax. I remember being a little girl and once my mom had blown out a candle I would stick my finger in the melted liquid and watch as it hardened on the tip of my finger. (I still do it sometimes lol)

M has dripped wax on me, and I loved it. I was tied face down and blindfolded, so I never knew when or where it was coming. I remember feeling the anticipation of when exactly it would hit. The hotness and surprise when it first hit, then the coolness as I felt it harden against my skin. It was a hot experience for sure. No pun intended.

My only complaint was that we used white candles so when we took pictures to save the memory it was hard to see against my pale skin. So we will need to remedy that and maybe I can post some pics on here. J


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