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Arriana’s Contract-Part 4

Arriana went into the bathroom and took a shower careful to shave the way she knew he liked. When she got out she just stood there looking at herself in the mirror. Oddly, she didn’t feel nervous. This felt natural, like she had finally gotten something right. She put lotion on and sprayed the perfume he favored and dried her hair. She took a deep breath as she opened the door.

Xander looked up when she came out of the bathroom and with no words pointed to the floor in front of him. She walked gracefully over, trying not to just sprint to him. She knelt down on the carpet and got as comfortable as one can while sitting on their knees. She looked up at him and felt that calmness that comes with just obeying.

“I’m very happy that you’ve signed the contract”, he said. “And because you have pleased me, you get a reward.”

She allowed her eyes to stray from him and glanced at the bed. It was then that she noticed the ropes tied securely to each bed post with a cuff at the ends. She also saw that he had gotten out their toy trunk and it was open beside the bed. Arriana looked longingly at everything as the arousal crept through her body. Her nipples hardened and she felt the moisture start between her legs. She started thinking about all the wonderful things that were going to happen that night.

Her attention was brought quickly back to the present when she heard Xander clearing his throat. She snapped her eyes back to him and blushed when she saw the look on his face.

“Well, since we can’t seem to keep our eyes where they should be, I guess we will just have to blindfold you, so you can’t be peeking.”

He walked over to the box and stepped behind her as he slipped the cloth over her eyes. She bit back a groan at her mistake. Xander knew exactly how to get her back from her world to his. With the blindfold on, her other senses picked up other things. She could hear the brush of his pants as he walked by. Then suddenly she was grabbed by her hair as he leaned down to give a quick rough kiss to her lips. It was over before she got the chance to give much back, but the kiss was quickly put to rest as he started to lift her up by her hair. She quickly stood up and clenched her legs together as she felt another shock go from her head straight down to her clit.

“Spread your legs Ari, I want to see how wet you are. That’s a good girl, now put your hands behind your back so I can see those pretty breasts stand at attention.”

She moaned as she felt his fingers grab her nipples and pinch them slightly. The blindfold made the feelings more intense as he kept pinching one nipple and brought his mouth down to the other sucking hard at the pebble it had become. She gasped as she felt him bite down and pinch hard. Then before she could melt into it both his hand and mouth were gone. She felt him step away from her and heard him over at the box again sifting through the contents.

He walked back to her and she tried hard to stay still as he attached clamps to each nipple. The chain was cold as it settle between her breasts. She shivered as she felt the metal against her skin. He grabbed the chain and pulled on it and she moaned at the pain and pleasure that came with it. He led her over to the bed by the chain and she tried to keep up so the clamps didn’t tighten more at the tugs.

“Bend over the bed my sweet, it’s time to start the fun,” he said.

She bent over the bed and he pushed her head down until her ass was up in the air. He ran his hand down her back and caressed each cheek before moving between her legs. His fingers immediately found the wetness and she gripped the sheets as his fingers slowly slid into her opening.

“So wet already pet, and we haven’t even started the good stuff yet,” he laughed.

He slid his finger up to her clit and started rubbing his fingers around the swollen nub. She let out a moan and couldn’t help but grind her hips against his hand. He removed his hand and gave her a smack on her ass.

“No cumming yet, I want you absolutely drenched before we are through.”


I am a mother, daughter, sister, but most of all I am my Master's slave. I'm also a little bit crazy, and decided blogging was the perfect way to share my craziness with the world. There will be ups, and there will be downs. So hold on tight, and away we go.

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