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Trick Her Treat

So tonight was A-MA-ZING! It was so packed with people you could barely get through. My Marilyn Monroe costume went over great, got quite a few compliments on how I looked. I was also asked where JFK was. And some other guy told me he wished there was a grate around. lol

My friend was there again and I got to see her be auctioned off. It was a great night with spankings, and cages, and even some pony rides, no not real ones, but people dressed up. They were cool because it wasn’t just a costume, it was the full leather get up of ponies. They had tickets you could buy to do the different things. There were kissing booths and a massage booth. And best of all everything they made tonight went to Toys for Tots. It went really well for everyone involved. We decided to go ahead and come home, because there was really nothing else going on after 1. Just drunk horny people lol.

Thankfully the person I thought would come didn’t. Which is probably a good thing because when I told my friend at the club about her she pretty much guaranteed the girls night would not have went well. At least someone had my back there. I wouldn’t have been the odd one out like I usually am.


I’ve been in a lot of pain today, and I still feel so exhausted. I really hope when I go to get my blood drawn that they can help me figure out what it is exactly that I have. I’m still bleeding off and on so the week of hormones did not help as they wanted them to.


I am a mother, daughter, sister, but most of all I am my Master's slave. I'm also a little bit crazy, and decided blogging was the perfect way to share my craziness with the world. There will be ups, and there will be downs. So hold on tight, and away we go.

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