Still waiting

I am completely over this moving experience. It has been almost a month and we still haven’t moved in yet. The workers are supposed to have everything done by Tuesday but M has to work wed and thur so we can’t actually move in til then. The house is a mess because there are boxes everywhere.

My son started school this past Wednesday and so far I am not happy with his teacher. The first day he got kicked in the eye by another child. I was not notified until my son came home crying. She didn’t even send him to the nurse. We took him to the emergency room and it had scratched his cornea. I spoke to the teacher and she tried to say he was overreacting and rubbing it. Well yea he rubbed it, it hurt! Thursday seemed to go better but Friday he came home and had peed his pants because the teacher made him stand by the swings at recess without letting him go to the bathroom. Yesterday he asked me if he was going back to school and when I told him yes he said his teacher had told him he was too big a baby to come back to school. I was beyond pissed. So I will be having yet another discussion with her and maybe the principal also.

I am at my wits end dealing with everything. And M and I haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately. The M/s has come to a standstill and to be honest I don’t know if I want it back. There is a lot of lack of communication and trust right now.

I feel like everyone wants me to be superwoman and that just isn’t me. I can only be stretched so thin before I break. I need a clone I think. Now where can I get one of those.

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