I have been going through quite a bit lately and these words came to me and needed to be wrote down. It’s supposed to be a poem and I’m not sure if it is written correctly but here it is….

The thoughts whisper in my head,
Like voices on the wind.
They race through faster and faster,
As if they’re cars on a track.

The words are vile poison,
Spewing words of self hate.
Nothing, worthless, fat, disgusting,
Echoing on an endless repeat.

I see no signs of it slowing,
So what options are left?
Do I give in and jump,
To finally quiet the torture?

I come to a crossroad,
Two paths are before me.
To my left I see relief,
A sweet slip into eternal slumber.

But I barely glance before I turn,
And start towards my right.
Before me is the tallest mountain,
And at the peak I see my life.

Back in my safe zone

I’m not sure if anyone still reads here anymore, but I need to have a safe place to write again.

I’ll just use this post as an update and then start writing more tomorrow. I have a few stories I’ve written that I would live feedback on.

M and I are still together and are nearing our 4 year anniversary. Things are rocky at times but all relationships have ups and downs. My son started first grade the other day and loves it so far.

My sister and her family moved out back in February and seem to be doing ok. We have our house back to ourselves for now,  but may have a visitor come and live with us soon. I’ll post more about that later.

My pug had puppies and M let me keep 2 of them so they can grow together. They are adorable and are my kids lol. My pug unfortunately passed away a few weeks ago and it really crushed me.

I won’t ramble too much in this post but I hope some of you still come and check in. I’d like to get back into writing and reading and do something for me. This was my safe haven for a while and I hope it can be again.